Online Ludo: A New Fixating Source of Earning Money

Board games like ludo, carrom, snake and ladder etc. have been popular in India since the beginning of time and slowly started to spread all around the world through colonisation. With the evolution of time, as technology and the internet are becoming more advanced, online gaming has taken over. These popular ancient board games where initially the opponents were required to sit right across the table have been skillfully upgraded to one where people can now compete with players from any part of the globe through the online mode. At present, with a global pandemic going on and the majority of the population spending most of their time indoors, these online gaming sources are getting more exposure than ever before. One of the many such examples being the online ludo game.

What makes these ludo games so appealing?

Having some of the easiest and most interesting rules makes ludo a game that every other person knows how to play. 2-4 players take part in it at a given time and each individual’s sole aim is to make all their four tokens reach the home triangle in the middle from across the board with the help of a single dice. While it depends on how their luck works out to be, a person’s skills and strategies also play a huge role in winning the game. The biggest perk of playing these online ludo games is earning money if a game is won by the player. Ludo Money and Ludo Fantasy being some of the big players in this field.

How does one earn money through these games?

While the basics remain the same, some additional rules which involve money might make one think it’s complicated but in fact, those are also just as easy to understand and apply.

If someone chooses to play these games, they simply need to first buy some coins online and choose a table to play on. By strategically showcasing all their ludo skills among real time players, the game can easily be won. Once that is done, all the coins (money) earned will be directly redeemed back to the registered bank account of the winner. Through this, one doesn’t just gain entertainment but also earn money if played in the right way.

Ludo Money

With around 1 lakh players already registered with them, Ludo Money ensures a big platform to play. All their players should strictly be 18 years or older and the minimum starting price of buying these coins is Rs.50. It has an exclusive laptop and desktop app available for both iOS and androids for easier and safer access. Along with the platform being governed by IT Professionals, a feature to link Paytm accounts for transactions is a reassurance of the payments being fast and completely secure along with having SSL Secure System and 24×7 withdrawal support and instant processing.

This game has a set of strict privacy policies, terms and conditions along with easy refund and cancellation policies. A 24×7 customer and technical support is guaranteed along with sufficient contact details provided. To top it all, their active social media accounts on various platforms make things easier. Therefore, with everything given, it is more or less agreeable that utmost care is taken to make this a safe online ludo gaming space.

Ludo Fantasy

Being a start-up based in India, apart from the majority of the features being similar, Ludo Fantasy has an added advantage of making the app accessible through smart phones which makes it more user friendly by letting people play the game anytime and anywhere they want. There’s also a special feature of creating private rooms to play the game in. The players can choose their own preferred group of friends and exchange money internally instead of interacting with strangers.

‘Refer and earn’ is a unique feature wherein one can share their invite code among their friends and win a bonus every time they enter a cash contest after getting their number verified. Though this gaming space might not be available pan india due to certain restrictions by the state governments.

How is it beneficial?

While spending maximum time indoors, online ludo gaming can not just be a source of entertainment but it can also help develop the individual’s strategizing skills and expand their thinking capacity. Now with income levels dropping due to the volatile economic situation caused by the pandemic, earning money through these games could be considered as a smart and safe source.

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